How do Dental Orthodontists work

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Hey guys Matt Gerson here with an interview with John Craig from the Hume dentist located in Melbourne, Victoria, we are interviewing him about his job in dentistry and received many awards for his advancements and developments in the dental industry.

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For more information about the 3 types of Orthodontic treatments By the Dental Experts at the Melbourne Dental Clinic

Best Discounts from Entertainment Earth 2015


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If you are not aware of Entertainment Earth promo codes then you are missing out if you are a collector of anything collectible.
I know people who have been saving upwards of 20% of per order and they are receiving a heck of a lot of toy hauls at the same time driving their wifes nuts but not breaking the budget on their addiction.
If you are looking for the 20% off Entertainment Earth discounts code then this is for you, make sure you watch the video to see how you can get it, I give this guy full credit for sharing the coupon as I have saved a tone of money when I have been buying some awesome toys and collectibles like Dc comics, funko pops and other great figures and statues.

I will do a short review just to test out their service and I will report back with my findings, even though i know entertainment earth provides a top quality service along with they massive selection of figures, I could literally spend all day look at their website and buying stuff.

The Discount and Haul from Entertainment Earth

Update: I just pick up a massive you collection of DC collectibles, Funko pop vinyls as well as some amazing new vinyl figures from kid robot, they are all special edition figure, and they costed around $200 a piece.
The postage was really fast and I got my package with in 5 days and I was so excited that I go it with in that time I went on another impulse buying spree and I went mad on buying all sorts of action figures, that being said I had a brilliant excuse to for the wife when she questioned on what I bought.
I have my sons birthday coming up and I basically bought a load of Marvel and DC comics collectibles for me and him.

Tip of the day

If you are crazy collector/hoarder like me who loves his toys, well you might want to schedule your buying frenzy then you and your spouse knows that its important. i.e children’s birthdays, (yep this works all the time with out a single fail) and basically any celebration that comes to mind, I like to think of an excuse to but with in good reason just to mask your impulse buy to your significant other.
That being said with the 20% off discount coupon from Entertainment earth, this will save you ALOT of money and hassle, I think I have used the coupon at least 9 times since I was introduced by a friend who showed me this youtube video.

You are probably asking why I didn’t share the promotional code earlier, well the truth be told I though I was on a good thing and I didn’t want it to get exploited and then it gets taken down. Sorry guys I must of lost like half of my email list just saying that, that being said I decided to share it because I love all you guys and I am really thankful you come to my blog to read it and comment, so the least I could of done is to give back.

Since releasing the coupon code it seems to be working find, even after a full month of being pummelled by you and other readers Its a nice surprise its still working.

So with all that being said I am guessing you are wondering what I spent $2000 on? well I have provided some images for your viewing pleasure.

This is me signing out, hope you liked the awesome shipment I received and I hope you take the opportunity to redeem your own discounts I have shared with you.

The Best Self Cleaning litter box Home Automation Series


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The Home Automation series covering some of the best Self Cleaning litter boxes on the market to show case some of the best tech gadgets out there that make our lives easier.

We live in a technological age which is moving at a rapid speed, along with this velocity life as we know it is getting more hectic and busy, we now have the risk of losing jobs due to automated applications that think for us, applications of that replace humans.
Anyway we are not going to go into the direct perils of why the automation age is bad, we are going to focus on the much more positive side of using automation to make our lives as care free as possible.

That being said we will be talking about some of the best automatic litter boxes on the market, I recently came around the Best Self cleaning litter box website: and they basically dedicated that website to reviewing all the latest and greatest litter boxes on the market.
A Surprise came to me when I was browsing the website and I noticed there were at least 10 different cat litter box systems which do the same thing, but in different ways.
That being said they covered as to why these litter systems are so convenient to everyone who owns one or more cats, and basically covered all the bases as to why these litter boxes are so effective.
I will give you the short answer right now now and tell you what their features are.

Features of a self cleaning litter box

Knock out disgusting cat oder, now if you are a cat owner just like my self (i have 4 lovely cats which I truly love) But (this is a big but) they leave the nastiest smell behind once they are done with their litter box.
It is a painful experience to get home from work and to find out whats laying and waiting for me in the litter box, its not a fun task to clean up after your cat but I am sure all the cat owners here will be contesting that its “not that bad” or “why do you have a cat or even “dogs are dirtier animals” this is all true, but hey I am just not the kind of guy who enjoys picking up after my cat.
So with that being said and I am a sure more of my readers here would agree that getting a litter box which automatically cleans after your cat is a mega bonus to never ever have to touch their poop again.

So 0% odor, checked!

Litter box Maintenance, yep just like anything it needs to be maintained however with the litter systems that immediately clean after your cats, there is barely as much maintenance that needs to be carried out vs, having to clean the litter box multiple times every single day.

Different price ranges in litter boxes, Just like anything these days there is the expensive option and the cost effective option, in this case the expensive litter boxes out perform the cheaper litter boxes by a mile and I would suggest investing in a litter box you see fit for the purpose of the needs of you and your cats.
I personally would go after the catgenie, litter maid II or Petsafe as they are the best options currently on the market, that being said they are a little pricey but are worth the money if you are looking to save time and even money.
In investing into the Catgenie I have never hat to buy any litter or buy really expensive supplies which would set me back hundreds of dollars.

Avoid cheap imitations, yes they exist and they are incredibly bad and most have reported of them breaking down with in the first week of use. Dont be sucked into scam looking products which have no back or reviews confirming their legitimacy.
I personally stick by Litter Robot, Petsafe and Catgenie all the way as they are the highest quality products on the market in regards to cat care and other appliances.

Get out of bed with Ramos

ramos alarm clock

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There are two kinds of people in this world.  The kind that gets out of bed at the first sounding of their alarm and those that can easily sleep right through it, and often do.  I fit into the latter category, and I’ve tried everything to get out of bed on time short of electric shocks or a caffeine IV on a timer and nothing works.

I’ve tried mega loud alarm clocks, vibrating alarms, placing the alarm clock on the other side of the room, infuriating apps that force you to complete puzzles that are way too hard to do in a groggy stupor, an alarm clock that is attached to the ceiling so you’re forced to actually stand up on your bed to turn it off and even an alarm clock that posts a status update to facebook that publicly shames you for not getting out of bed on time.

The problem is that it’s not that I don’t want to get out of bed, it’s as far as I can tell, a simple case of still being more asleep than awake at the moment the alarm is turned off and while in that state, I’ll do anything to return to my comfy warm bed.  The truth is that when I finally wake up naturally, it is far later than I’d have preferred and I rarely recall turning the alarm off at all.

If you relate to any of this then you’re my kind of person and you’ll be excited to know that finally there is an alarm clock that’s being touted as cheat proof.  When I first read that I actually laughed.  Every alarm clock has a weakness and I was willing to bet actual money that I could find it after only a couple of days.  Well it seems Paul Sammut, the designer of Ramos the cheat proof alarm clock has anticipated every trick my sleeping mind could possibly dream up.

How?  By simply removing the snooze button and placing it in another room.

The snooze button is a tiny bluetooth beacon that is activated by bringing your phone into close proximity to the beacon, and for people like me, there is an option to also require the entry of a 4 digit pin into a bundled phone app.

If you’re like me then you’re probably also thinking “Well I can just unplug it”.  Not so!  Ramos’ internal batteries will keep it powered and making noise for hours.  Paul Sammut either hates me or understands me completely and I can’t yet tell which.

This is pure genius.  By placing the beacon next to the coffee machine I am forced to either start my day then and there, or shut off the alarm, consciously decide to go back to bed and hate myself for the rest of the day.

Ramos also boasts a feature set that every alarm clock should have such as a night dimmer, a USB charging port for your phone and even automatic time setting.

Future updates to the app will optionally require you to perform tasks (like jumping jacks for example) before the alarm will cease, but just the simple fact that you’re nowhere near your bed will be enough for most people.

The project is still new to kickstarter and right now is about 25% of the way to being funded so please get on over to kickstarter and back this project.  I need it to happen.  You’ll thank me later.

Saudi groom sees his new bride’s face and divorces her.


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A groom in Saudi Arabia has likely claimed the record for the shortest ever marriage by divorcing his newlywed bride right after the wedding.  It is reported that he made this decision the moment she lifted her veil to have photographs taken.  It was the first time he had seen her face.

According to the local newspaper Okaz of Medinah, the couple had agreed to marry without seeing or even meeting each other.


The report says that as soon as the groom saw his wife’s features he was immediately disappointed and told her she was not the one he had imagined and not the girl he wished to marry.

As you can imagine, the bride-no-more broke down and wept  in front of the many wedding guests, family and friends.

There is a silver lining.  This poor woman, as heartbroken as she may be, will have no problem finding a better husband.  One can only marvel at the sheer idiocy of the situation.  Did the groom expect his new wife to look like someone in particular?  Surely if appearance was so important to the groom he would have insisted on a sneak preview before the wedding.  One does not find what he wants in a wife through sheer luck.  The odds were stacked mightily against him and he made a fool of himself and his poor bride who obviously did nothing to deserve this most personal and brutal of rejections.

There are no reports of whether the bride at the center of this story was particularly unattractive in a general sense, and it really doesn’t matter.  This couple, with this guy at the head of the household would surely have spiraled into poverty if the decision making skills that he has displayed thus far are anything to go by.

She may not agree at this moment, but she is far better off.